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Some see a
person listening
to music on hold.

We see a captive audience.


A phone on hold message is like having a professional sales person talking to your most important clients and prospects.


Use your on hold time to tell callers about your company, your products and services.


EOH is friendly, professional, informative

and always soft selling.


Serving Fortune 500 companies from coast to coast, with high quality on hold productions, we invite you to hear the quality right now and sample a minute of our current featured company.

Listen Now!

(Thrivent Financial)



“Judging from caller response we have tracked, Entertainment On Hold is a very effective way to advertise.  I highly recommend it!”  

Thrivent Financial home office

Minneapolis, MN

"EOH sounds terrific! They’re great, dependable folks to work with. The Key Bank on-hold productions sounded so good, we had Entertainment On Hold do a special Audio Merchandising production too!

KeyCorp/Key Bank

Cleveland, OH

"'Put me back on hold please!' is one of the comments we've received from callers!"

Coldwell Banker

"It's wonderful! Our clients are fairly sophisticated and expect the best from us. Entertainment On Hold matches our company's high quality image."

Glacier Bank Corp

How it works

EOH is simple.

Anytime the "hold" button is pushed, on any phone in your office, your callers will hear Entertainment On Hold.

Any phone system that can play music on-hold, can use EOH.

We deliver the audio program in any format your phone system might require. If you require an external player, we provide that too.

Our productions are compliance-approved by your company, so EOH meets all compliance regulations.

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